Torpasta Testimonials

I’m writing you just to say how much my family LOVES your restaurant. We lived in Orange County for about 4 years and traveled over an hour quite often just to meet our Torpasta craving. But alas we couldn’t stay in California and moved back to our home town of Madison, Wisconsin 2 years ago. We have three young boys and if you ask anyone in our family what they miss most about California, your restaurant makes the list. My husband’s birthday is coming up and I have actually had thoughts of trying to somehow get a creamy pesto Torpasta (his favorite) to Wisconsin. Of course realistically I know that’s not possible. So instead I’m writing to say thank you for being one of our favorite California memories. Any time family or friends would come visit us we wouldn’t let them leave California without having lunch or dinner at your restaurant. If you ever decide to branch out, Madison, Wisconsin would be the perfect spot for another restaurant. Just throwing that out there.


Laurell Showers

Eating pasta on a plate is too mainstream, whynot eat it in a super crispy delicious baguette bread bowl?! A+ for presentation! The bread is extremely crispy but soft on the inside cause of the pasta sauce, which makes it Alfredo bread. The pasta itself is pretty good, I would love to eat a whole plate of it if I could, but combining it with a bread bowl I get the best of both worlds in one bite. It’s way tastier than Olive Gardens that’s for sure. Overall, this place is always my top 10 for San Diego’s Eats, and the concept is super cool and fun to eat!

Angela T.

What that.. how have I not written about this place yet? OMG…. I LOVE THIS PLACE! I first heard of this establishment years ago while watching the news. I never really went until 2013 when I decided to carb up 3 days prior to my half marathon and oh my geezus.. I was in love!

Trang L.

I have nothing bad to say about this place. Second time here and and the staff is really pleasant and nice. Very attentive to the needs of the customer. As far as the food goes, the torpastas are absolutely amazing!!!! They even have vegetarian plates which is great!!! I will keep coming back here needless to say!!! I definitely recommend this place to pasta lovers out there!!!

Tiffany T.

I honestly don’t know if I could say anything bad about this place. We are visiting from out of town and saw all the great reviews so we decided to give it a try. It is definitely an experience. Let me start by saying if you don’t like carbs or can’t eat gluten don’t write this place off. They have gluten free pasta options and they also have salads that you can order on a plate. Now, if you are a carb lover and like to indulge at times, this is the place for you.

Cara M.

I LOVE this place! Carbo load heaven! It’s a great date night spot. I always love to start out with a small order of bread holes. Perfectly toasted on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. I then follow that with a 6″ torpasta. I’ve had Mike’s Meat Lovers, Fettuccine Alfredo, Meatball, and Meat Lasagna. This combination will always leave you satisfied.

Ramil L.

I’m coming here before almost all my half marathons. Great place to carb up. I’ve never had pasta in a sandwich, but damn, it was real good. Tried the spaghetti torpasta and the lasagne torpasta. And will come back to try the others. The pizza also was really good. If you order gluten-free, it’s a thinner and smaller crust. We had a regular pepperoni and I’m addicted.

Rocky B.

Off of the menu, I tried the meat lovers lasagna, the pesto and sun died tomato pasta, and the eggplant parm. First off, WOW…. each of the three dishes were excellent, cooked to perfection and had LOTS of flavor. It is hard to nail that authentic Italian taste when it comes to marinara sauce and they nailed it with the meat lovers and eggplant parm. The pesto pasta was unreal as well. The sauce wasn’t too thick or too light, it was perfect. Even the bread it was served in was delicious as well. Everything stayed hot the entire time during my visit, and I could not stop eating lol. Staff was excellent as well. Very attentive and friendly!

Bella of El Cajon

Never knew carbs on carbs could be sooo LIFE CHANGING. OMG.
I’m not even over exaggerating either. Its phenomenal!! Don’t forget to ask for extra napkins cause it will get messy!!

April of San Diego, CA

I love this place. I’ve been coming here for probably 10 years. I stick with the sausage and Penne pasta with mozzarella. Love it. Megan was my last server and she was great.

Joel of San Diego, CA

I highly recommend their Torpastas to everyone if you’re either in a mood for a sandwich or pasta, cause it’s really good for either. I’ll be back!

Elvis of Long Beach, CA

Best pasta ever honestly! My girlfriend comes from Austria and every time we come here it’s just something different and delicious! The garlic fries are BOMB!!!

Cristian of Phoenix, AZ